Sex & Mischief Spread The Love Leg Spreader Bar

Sex & Mischief Spread The Love Leg Spreader BarCheck Price

This spreader bar has four fake fur cuffs fastened using fully adjustable Velcro straps and is ideal for beginners. The bar is 14 inches long and gives you the option of restraining the ankles, the wrists or all of them together depending on how you want to play!

The cuffs will fit wrists or ankles up to ten inches in circumference and are sturdily made, yet soft enough to prevent chafing for extended use.

If you’re looking for a simple yet versatile spreader bar at a reasonable price, then this model is definitely worth a look. Ideal for those trying bondage for the first time due to the multiple options and positions the design lends itself to. Buy now and put some excitement back into your love life!

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